Peggy Greco, simply stated, is the best. Throughout the time she was with my father, I was constantly amazed by the breadth of her capabilities. She came into a chaotic situation and immediately saw what needed to be done.

​I can say with absolute certainty that whoever is lucky enough to find Peggy has found a priceless gem.  M.W.

​I'm afraid that I simply do not have at my command words adequate to express the depth of my thanks and appreciation for all of your generous care and attention . However, I am quite certain that I would not be where I am on the road to recovery without your efforts on my behalf. You are endowed with very special gifts and I consider myself most fortunate to have had you there when I most needed help. We shall remember you always.                                      T.H.​​

​My most heartfelt thanks go to you dear Peggy! For bringing me through this tedious ordeal. Without your loving tender care, and your good humor, I don't think I would have made it nearly so well.                                              M. A.

​I want to go on record with our praise and gratitude for Peggy Greco! I cannot imagine anyone better qualified or personable than Peggy.  From the moment she walked in the door, I could sense her competency, she proved to be experienced and knowledgeable in every way. She was a joy and comfort to have in the house. Nothing was ever too much trouble to do, and she was always prompt and cheerful, bright and capable.                                    J.S.

​Peggy's presence made the daily quality of my Mom's life remarkably less lonely and a lot more fun. She had a way of talking and listening to my Mom that was so warm and genuine. She started calling her not only "my companion" but also

"my comforter." Our entire family felt so grateful to have Peggy in our lives,  particularly because we live far away. Though we visited often, knowing Peggy was there made all the difference.                                                              E.R.

We both appreciate the skilled care you gave to my husband. I think I would have had a nervous breakdown without you!

Thank you so much.                                                                                                                                                 H.H.

P eggy is unique in that she instantly made me feel at ease in her presence. She is even keeled and confident in her abilities while being respectful and open to suggestions. She is an excellent listener and has a wealth of knowledge with regards to the health and welfare of all beings. She is extraordinarily patient and has an infectious zest for life.

Peggy has a number of strengths but her main strength is her innate sense of compassion. She is reliable, trustworthy and loyal and requires little direction or supervision.                                                                                      K.W.

Peggy is extremely thoughtful and caring. Everything she does, she does with a look at the big picture and how it fits in. She is a very good cook and is resourceful with what's in stock in the kitchen. Peggy was willing and able to do anything we asked of her. We always felt we'd have a good day when Peggy came over!                                       K.G.

samples of letters of recommendation